Blac Chyna criticado después de exponer a Tyga: es ‘Loves Trans’

Blac Chyna criticado después de exponer a Tyga: es ‘Loves Trans’

Antes de la impactante afirmación de la ex estrella de ‘Rob and Chyna’ sobre su ex y su papá bebé, la rapera Sada Baby emitió una declaración similar sobre la actividad sexual del escupitajo de ‘Rack City’.

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China negra Causó revuelo en las redes sociales al exponer a su exmarido Tyga. La exmodelo de videos musicales, quien retiró un reclamo sobre el rapero, quien también es el padre de su primer hijo, King Cairo, reveló que supuestamente «le gustan las trans».

«Tyga ama a Trans, yo tengo 2 [red lips emoji,» so the 33-year-old mother of two made the allegation on Twitter on Monday, August 2 out of nowhere. Urging her ex-boyfriend to come clean, she followed it up with another tweet which read, «Tell the truth @Tyga !!!!!»

Blac has since come under fire for possibly outing Tyga. One in particular criticized the Lashed by Blac Chyna founder for dishing on Tyga’s alleged sexuality but staying mum when he dated then-15-year-old Kylie Jenner. «Tyga dating a 15-year-old Kylie Jenner was okay but Trans women is where Blac Chyna draws the line??» the person asked.

Another blasted the former girlfriend of Rob Kardashian, «I don’t know if Tyga dates trans women, but this tweet is exactly the BS behavior that puts Black trans women in danger when you out there shaming Black men for being attracted to trans women.»

«and no blac chyna isn’t ‘outing’ tyga, she’s just being a weirdo. trans women are women that’s a heterosexual man and who he wanna sleep with (that’s of age with his nasty a**) is his business,» a third one chimed in. Another added, «Y’all n***as love to punch down when everyone else is minding their damn business.»

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Another called out Blac, «Tyga never dissed trans people even with the allegations so it makes Blac Chyna just look pressed.» Agreeing that it was not Blac’s business if Tyga likes trans women, someone commented, «Tyga being sexually attracted to trans women doesn’t bother me in the least. Chyna dishing his business out does tho. Cause if he like what he like so what??»

Tyga has not responded to Blac’s claim, but this isn’t the first time he was outed for liking trans women. Just two days before, fellow rapper Sada Baby exposed two celebrities who are allegedly into trans, tweeting, «Tyga really was f**kin a tr***y n the world just blew past that [crying laughin emojis] Dwight Howard además [balling crying emoji]. »

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